Friday, 20 August 2010


Hello all readers J

This post is meant to say, I’m still alive. Holiday is over and the new footballseason is on it’s way. I’m still doing my trading and from this weekend on I can’t see it being out of my mind again. The last few days/weeks I have been thinking what is the way forward for my blog. I don’t want to be in a challenge anymore and I’m planning to change the blog dramaticly. I’m looking to pick up my lay the draw trading again, next to my normal In Play betting/trading. On this blog I’m going to run the lay the draw stuff. I will post up the games I’m going to trade and P/L from those afterwards. Will start from the next footballweekend (August 27). Will try to cover most In Play leagues. The In Play coupon will be the basis to start looking for qualifying matches. I will never lay higher than 5.00 (will probably be 4.50 In Play), have to get my head around the best exit-strategy the next week, for now I think I will trade out for a loss in the region 1.90-2.00.

Also I’m going to give a some bettingsystems a proper thought and try if I think they are good. I have some interest in the US Sports (NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL) but never been successful with it. If someone has a suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

So some stuff changing on my blog. No posting of p/l screens from betfair, only doing the lay the draw stuff. I have another system in my head, did a bit of research on it and it could be good for betting, will mention on this blog if it has legs. In the next weekend you’ll see the outlook of the blog change.

That’s it so far…

Be back soon.


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