Tuesday, 31 August 2010

NO LTD today + round-up yesterday

No LTD today of course and to be honest it might be quiet this midweek for sure. I don't intend to do LTD on the international matches next weekend and midweek. Maybe some lower league matches go In-Play and I might have action on those.

Round-up yesterday.

Only got involved in Brann v Viking from the start. On 0-2 I greened up the trade for a net profit of € 10,07.
P/L for Monday was €10,07
New bank €1.050,50

When I watched my records since I restarted I discovered a funny fact. From the matches I highlighted on the blog, 14 matches, 11 of them were Over 2.5 goals. Nothing special so far but it's something I'm going to record on my sheet as well, you never know if the selectionprocess has some legs for an Over 2.5 goals system.

Have a nice evening and I will be back on the blog on the day there is lay the draw action.



  1. RB - glad to see you're sticking with LTD after some painful (shared!) lessons! Nice blog, and I too think you might well be on to something with the O2.5 - might be an idea to record odds on that as part of your selection process??

  2. Hi Dave,

    Nice to hear from you, hope you will succeed in your challenge to 31 december, should be doable. Stay disciplined ;-)

    I have recorded the odds on Overs for my selections, I'm trying to get something working with betdevil to filter out the first bunch of games. That would save me some time.